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The Unborn

The unborn is highly inspired by the phenomenons of misbirth and stillborn. The feral forms that due internal and external construction could not live in our world.
Often perceived as triggering and uncomfortable to watch, their forms are unique and rare. Therefore the aim is to beautify these elements of dismorphia and incompleteness to alter the perspective but in an abstract form rather then being literal and confrontational.
Misbirth speaks on its own, so my aim is to alter the reality into something conceptual. This phenomenon is only being truly accepted within healthcare for about 50 years, while castration used to ‘prevent’ further birthing of the ‘misborn’.
The whole concept of birth is changing, especially socially.

The interest of misbirth and stillbirth traces back to the beginning of mankind, however only now we truly have the medical tools to discover and diagnose the triggers and so the unborn trigger. They influence the precision with observing the embryonic development and therefore the future. A future where in society might be completely equal. Where we can have babies at any given time. Where we alter their features and construct. Where everyone holds power of their legacy.

The new Human.

For the new world.

Is the unborn.

My aim is to return the power to the infant, the fragile, the ‘misborn' to beautify their forms and uniqueness. I am focussing therefore on draped and self made textiles to embrace the unique aspect and to give birth to something lifeless, something ‘unshaped'.

Their uniqueness and fragility is symbolized in the eventual color range which is blue and gray tones. To capture the essence of something decayed but unreal and slightly out of this world. They represent the future. Blue is the most uncommon color in nature and therefore it is very significant in the collection. It is also associated with isolation, depth and serenity.

The materials chosen (except the print) are considered fragile materials, such as latex, felt, lace, tulle and plastics to embrace the fragility of the development of life, the embryo.

Personal information about Yoice Hoxha

I have always been appealed by fashion. As soon as I had the ability to voice out what I would wanted to wear I have been picking out my own garments. But only for the past three years I learned the ability to actually create garments. As I started to work as a stylist and creative director I got truly inspired by ‘small’ businesses and independent designers who visually showed the possibilities in the fashion design industry. I wanted to learn a new skill while as much as I love to collaborate, I have had experiences where I felt like the vision did not reach it’s full capacity.

Therefore I had another drive to learn how to sew, to be able to not depend only on pulling garments based on a concept but to be able to envision more limitless by extending my own capacity. I am still learning but I have never been more challenged and want to peruse this.