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Mothers of Sorrows

Throughout history, everywhere in the world, exists the phenomenon of the scapegoat. Every utopia has a scapegoat and a hell, the unknown place outside the walls of the supposed Eden its members purport to inhabit. Fear and the threat of this hell are used as tools by those in power to maintain their dominant position.

Mothers of Sorrows tells the stories of three real and three imagined women. Sarah Good, and her daughters Dorothy and Mercy, were three of the first victims of witchcraft accusations in what is today the United States. Their mothers and grandmothers fled across an ocean to avoid religious persecution, and in less than two generations suffered from more of the same.

My collection is comprised of modern garments that contain echoes of these stories. Using elements of historical clothing, combined with references to imagery from colonial and biblical tales, the garments tell a story of history's tendency to repeat itself. Just as the stories of these incidents have survived until today, so have the emotions that they stir up been passed down from one mother to her daughter, diluting and shapeshifting over time, but always there.

About me

I, Isabel Faulkner, began hand-sewing and knitting at age seven, and so began my lifelong impulse to create with fibers. In 2020 I moved to Berlin to formalize my passion at Atelier Chardon Savard. I strive to create garments that are interwoven with hidden stories and emotions; that make their wearer feel confident, beautiful, and protected. Growing up outside of San Francisco and Portland, I’ve been influenced by the eclectic aesthetics of the cities and their histories, from the Victorian era through the influx of 1960s hippies and the punk scene of today. My dream is to use fashion and textile design and creation as a way to bring people together, allowing artists to support one another, using their individuality to work towards a common goal.